Africa, dark continent, out of Africa, literature, pictures and motion pictures…

Hemingway and more!

Who is not fascinated by this continent and its peoples?

In short, we could not wait to get there and so we did.

Jens & Peter

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Fly to Capetown from Windhoek.



My Brother Jens Bloecker


It is with great sadness to let you know my brother Jens has passed away after his 70 th birthday. This website was created and designed after his first visit in Windhoek, Namibia.

As you can see Jens re – visited South Africa a few times. Before his death he told me when visiting him at his home town in Germany 

(I came from Queensland Australia from 2012 once a year in the most beautiful North German summer)

…that his trips to Namibia and RSA were most precious to him and he was happy and felt free when there.

He obviously loved travelling and Southern Africa became his dream country.

This site will be updated to honour my beloved brother Jens.

We always were very close. Love never dies.

In German Sterben und Tod | Leben mit dem Tod vor Augen und mehr …(Selbstinterview)

Ich lese zur Zeit Gian Domenico Borasio – Experte im Bereich Palliativmedizin und Hospiz, unter anderem auch in Deutschland aktiv (Muenchen). Mehr dazu spaeter …LINK. (Prof. Dr. Claudia Bausewein).

selbst bestimmt sterben – Verlag C H Beck

“Viele Menschen sterben so wie sie leben … ” (Borasio)

Stand 28 Mar 2022


This is one of the last photos of THE TWO BROTHERS, taken in Bosau S-H near Luebeck.

In Memory of my brother JENS BLOECKER

Erfolg und harte Arbeit

Success as the fruit of hard work:
A prize earned, not given in vain.
Wealth as a reward for the soil of labor,
But not the real goal.

Hard work, a key to open doors
And unimagined possibilities.
Success, the sweet reward that pours,
For those who were brave in the right place at the right time.

Wealth always fleeting, that fades with time,
Only passing pleasure,
Only passing glamour.
But the legacy of hard work remains forever,
Etched in the annals of a person’s history.

Success, a measure of an individual’s worth,
But hard work and integrity are the true wealth.

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